Tips to a greener garden

Help your garden be the best it can be with these 10 gardenening tips.

You’ve planted a garden, or you want to plant a garden and you want it to be green it puts all the other gardens to shame. You want people to walk past and go, “Wow that’s green” or very colourful if you have flowers. Here are some tips to help you green up your garden.

Good plants grow in good soil. Before Planting you should always make sure that you have soil that is up to the task. Good soil is dark, moist and rich. Adding some compost can help improve soil quality or you could buy a layer of new healthy topsoil.

While fertiliser is necessary in some cases, using too much can be counterproductive. Too much fertiliser could burn the roots of your plants, keeping them from absorbing water properly. So, use only as much as you absolutely need.

Don’t forget to de weed. Weeds can be unsightly, but they can do more harm than just ruining the aesthetic of your garden. They suck up moisture and nutrients that other plants need to grow, some weeds even strangle the roots of your plants.

Keep your plants hydrated. Make sure that your plants get enough water but don’t overdo it or you will drown them.

Layer mulch at the base of our plants. Mulch acts as an insulator keeping your plants nice and warm on cold nights.

Don’t crowd your plants. Remember that your plants will grow, and each one will need water, nutrients, sunlight and enough space for the roots to spread out and support them. Make sure that each plant will have the space that it needs.

Look over any new plants before you add them to your garden. There should be no dark spots, soft leaves or rotted stems. Roots should usually be firm, not darkened and soft. Don’t risk your other plants, remember, disease spreads in plants much the same way as it does for anything else. On that note…

Keep an eye on any buys in our garden and get rid of them if necessary it will almost always be necessary. Bugs do more damage than just biting little holes in your leaves. Plants can get sick from infected cuts just like you can. Bugs can also e carriers of any number of diseases that can spread throughout your whole garden.

Trim of dead leaves and stems as soon as you can. Even in winter diseases can lay dormant, so don’t wait for the sigh of sickness before taking action.

Some of your plants will need shade, and some of them will need sun, make sure they’re planted where they need to be or they won’t grow the way they’re supposed to grow.

And lastly, Love. Love your plants enough to put in the effort and they will grow, becoming as beautiful and colourful as they can be.