Compost vs Topsoil vs Lawn dressing

You have probably wondering what the difference between compost, topsoil and lawn dressing, wonder no more.

Everything has a use or purpose for which it was designed. Everything that works well for what it was designed to for was designed and tested by people who knew what they were doing either because of experience or knowledge on that specific subject. Now if you were to use, let’s say, a tool such as a spanner and attempt to fasten a screw into a piece of wood you then wouldn’t get the best results if you got any results at all. Although that tool that you used, the spanner, is the most used tool to fasten any type of bolt or nut but it does not work for screws. What is the difference? Both are used to fasten metal but they fasten and fit different kinds of metal shapes of pins and bolts. This is the same when it comes to topsoil, compost and lawn-dressing. They can both be used to enhance and modify your garden but they are used for different aspects of your garden. Topsoil consists of different components than that of compost and vice versa, so you cannot use the compost for the same reason that you would use topsoil for, the same concept goes for lawn dressing.

What was topsoil designed for?

Topsoil as found in nature is used for sustain plant life. This very intricate and careful balance of components is the perfect material to bond together living organisms and non-living variables. Soil cannot be healthy without vegetation, without the necessary nutrients and living matter topsoil turns to dead sand. All that sand is good for is setting boundaries for the oceans. Topsoil was designed to bring all the ingredients for the recipe of plant life together. If you’re planning on growing plants or vegetables or just to level some land, then topsoil is the product that you should use. Do you need some topsoil, preferably in bulk? Get topsoil delivered to your home in Johannesburg, order now!

What was compost designed for?

Compost is also found in nature, but compost is used to strengthen soil thereby strengthening plants. Whenever leaves from trees fall to the ground throughout the year or an apple or peach ripen and land on the grass, these are both examples of nature taking care of itself. There are also, however, man-made composts on the market. Why would one need to purchase an extra product for their plants and vegetables if topsoil should to the trick? Well, because in today’s world the resources such as forests and fertile land are running low. The soil that we now have is not of the good quality that we had many years ago. With the changing climate and the soil erosion, compost is a must for many farmers and home owners. Compost is a combination of organic matter that has well balanced elemental features such as nitrogen and carbon. Good compost is a breeding ground for micro-organisms. If you want to boost your plants and make them healthy then compost is the product that you should consider buying. Do you need bulk organic compost, preferably in bulk? Have compost delivered to your residence in Johannesburg, order now!

What was lawn-dressing designed for?

Now we’ve come to lawn-dressing. Lawn-dressing, it’s purpose is in the products name. How would this product have come about, were homeowners not satisfied with the results of adding regular compost to their lawns? The difference better grass and other plants is that people and pets walk on grass and that some grasses grow horizontally. Grass gardens also cover a much larger area than that of the other plants in any garden. Lawn-dressing was basically thought of to make grass healthier, and healthier grass is greener grass and everybody loves green grass in their yard. Lawn-dressing is a mixture of topsoil and compost that is filtered together in ratios that bring forth results. If you want to give your lawn a boost, then lawn-dressing is the product that you should purchase for your grass. Do you want to improve your grass, perhaps make it greener? We offer lawn dressing delivery in Johannesburg, order now!

In conclusion, choose the correct products for what you want to do or for what you want them to do for you. It was cost you a great deal of money, time and effort to buy and use products that you know will not give you the best outcome. The reason that there are different gardening products on the market is because there are different problems and needs when it comes to gardening and farming… not simply one issue that can be resolved by using a one-fix-all product. That does sound ideal but it is just not fact. Go for the choice that has a good track record for delivering, there’s no sense in trying out multiple products that will just waste your time and your hard-earned money. A variety of products for a variety of problems.