Benefits of Buying Compost in Bulk

Buying compost in bulk is alot cheaper than buying compost in bags.

Bulk is better, we offer bulk compost delivery in Johannesburg. Why is this so often said? Buying products in bulk saves you money all round. When you buy in bulk you don’t pay for packaging, which is usually upwards of thirty percent of the cost price. Also. If you buy compost in bulk, you will have to make few if not any trips to pick up your product because it will most probably be delivered to you. By not buying packaged compost you are adding your little bit to help the environment in two ways. First, you aren’t adding more plastics or waste to the earth. And secondly, you are saving money on and not using so much fuel for something that could just be delivered in one load to your doorstep. When you buy compost in big volumes you are also able to make flexible decisions on exactly how much compost you would want to purchase.

Where to get bulk compost

If you’re asking yourself where you to get compost in bulk your first idea is probably from a nursery or floristry. Most of those establishments, however, don’t sell compost or any top-dressing material in bulk. They package their products to go, this means that they don’t deliver any bought products to their customers’ homes. If you’re looking to buy compost by the ton(s) then you’re going to have to deal with a company that specialises in the wholesale of these products. These companies, likes ours, provides compost in bulk and delivers these, sometimes huge, loads to the desired destinations of the client’s choice. Purchasing these products from a wholesaler is the way to go!