Mushroom Compost

Ever wondered what mushroom compost is? No, it's not mushrooms mixed with topsoil...

What is Mushroom Compost?

Compost… now of course as with everything in this world there is variety, including with compost. There are many good components that you could make a mixture of and produce a compost that would do a world of good to your plants. This great assortment of ingredients that you could use to make a wonderful recipe means that there will be many different types of composts out there on the market. Mushroom compost, however, is made differently to other composts because it is a by-product of mushroom farming.

mushroom compost
bulk mushroom compost

How to make mushroom compost

What if you only have a small garden patch that you want to fertilize? Then you most definitely don’t want to go out and buy a whole load or ten plus kilogram packet of mushroom compost. Even if you do have a larger area of which you would like to compost, there is a very simple way that you could make your own mushroom compost. Firstly, you will need a few mushrooms. Perhaps about three or four big mushrooms. These mushrooms need not be the freshest mushrooms on the shelf, they could be a few days old, it is for the making of compost after all. Secondly, you need normal compost, vegetable or manure. Now you are going to make a nice mushroom shake. You will need three things for this mixture, pure water, edible mushrooms and a sugary component. The water you use shouldn’t have any chlorine in it, chlorine kills fungi. Also, the sugar component (molasses, honey) you use shouldn’t have any sulphur in it, sulphur inhibits fungi growth as well. Blend all of these three ingredients in a blender until th cows come home. Once you’re satisfied with your lovely aerated mixture all you have to do is throw it all over your compost heap and wait for it to work. This is a very easy process and can be repeated as many times as is wanted, it is up to you.

Mushroom compost vs Normal Compost

Seeing to it that are many different types of compost, you might think which one would be better for you. There are three main mixes or compost, normal vegetable waste compost, livestock manure compost and mushroom compost. Vegetable waste compost is very organic, that’s is why most people use this compost for their plants at home. Manure and mushroom compost have one thing in common, salts. This is expected because mushroom compost is plainly compost that is used for mushroom farming and then sold after the mushrooms have been farmed. If these two composts are used too often they could damage the soil because of the salt content. The compost you decide to use is entirely up to you and your preference.