Bulk Topsoil Delivery in Johannesburg

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Have your topsoil delivered in Johannesburg at R800 per 1m³ (cubic meter) order below or call 068 594 5588

We deliver topsoil in bulk in Johannesburg

Here at Soil and Earth we offer bulk topsoil delivery to your property in Johannesburg or neighbouring areas around Johannesburg. We provide quality topsoil for sale that is second to none, high in nutrients and well aerated. In today’s market consumers are faced with the quantity over quality issue. So, if you are looking for topsoil prices that match the quality then you’ll need to shop around a bit. Our prices correspond with our quality. The quality of our topsoil is… well let us just say that it’s something you can sink your roots into. If you are looking for topsoil then we are the right supplier for you as we deliver the same day or the very next day that you have ordered. Our prices are priced by cubic meter which is roughly about a ton or good quality grade topsoil. This is quite a lot of dirt, so we’ll offload your surface soil at a reasonable distance from the delivery truck. We provide a fixed price per cubic meter of topsoil and the delivery charge is included and long as the property to which you would like the topsoil to be delivered to is within 20 kilometres of Johannesburg, or else a small fee will be added to the final cost of your invoice.

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What is Topsoil?

Topsoil is the layer of soil where plants tend to grow. Why? Plants grow in this layer of soil because it is the top layer of soil, but that’s obvious, they can’t exactly grow underground, they need the sun to photosynthesise. However, plants need more than just the sun to grow healthy and produce healthy seeds. What are these things that plants need to grow? They need water that’s clean and fresh, they need minerals like nitrogen to make the nitrogen cycle possible and they need carbon to grow. They also need lots of room to grow and stretch their little roots. Unfortunately, today most topsoil, where your plants grow, is dense and degraded because it has been waterlogged and stripped of all its nutrients and bug life. These are the things that help with loosening up your topsoil. Bugs, mostly earthworms, tunnel through the ground and loosen it up. They also provide lot of the nutrients you will need. These are the most important components that your plants will need in their topsoil. If you’re new to gardening or just looking to make your plants a little greener, topsoil is probably something that you haven’t really thought about before, but it is something that you should really consider.

How to lay topsoil?

Okay, now you’ve had your topsoil delivered… what are you going to do with it? You could create a garden, use it as a base for new lawn, improve your current lawn or just simply cover your ground. If you are planning on laying an entirely new layer of soil first you need to remove anything that is not soil or sand from the ground. This includes any grass, flowers or stones. Thereafter you can begin laying your new topsoil overtop the previous soil. Now you need to ensure that the topsoil is level and about fifteen centimetres deep. Then, you need to use a rake or similar tool to blend the new and old soil together and to smooth it out. Lastly, you need to apply a weight to the ground to compact the topsoil. You do this because if the ground is too loose the roots of the plants will have nothing strong to hold on to and they won’t be sturdy. If you have bald spots on your grass or your grass is looking unattractive then you can add topsoil to those areas of your lawn. You need to add no more than one centimetre of topsoil. After applying the topsoil, you can throw a few grass seeds above it and water your grass.

Topsoil Price

Topsoil delivery prices are valid within a 20km distance of Johannesburg we do next day or same day delivery where possible. An additional delivery fee may be charged if the distance is greater than 20 kilometres of Johannesburg.

All Topsoil delivery prices are final. Invoices must be paid by EFT before delivery can take place.

Compost Delivery Size Compost Price
1m³ R800
2m³ R1600
3m³ R2400
4m³ R3200

Delivery Radius

See our delivery radius on the map below, delivery is included for the first 20 kilometers. Every extra 10 kilometers will be charged at R100 per cubic meter.