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Lawn Dressing Delivery made easy fast and affordable with Soil and Earth

Have your lawn dressing delivered in Johannesburg at R800 per 1m³ (cubic meter) order below or call 068 594 5588

We deliver lawn dressing in bulk in Johannesburg

We offer bulk lawn dressing delivery in Johannesburg and surroundings areas. We offer lawndressing for sale predominantly in Johannesburg. If you are looking to do a lawn repair, then you should definitely consider buying lawn dressing as opposed to buying two products, namely, topsoil and compost. Rather by using lawn dressing you are in essence killing two birds with one stone. By using this two-for-one product you are solving the problem of bare spots, brown patches, bumpy terrain and closely packed soil as well as concurrently solving the problem of weeds and malnourished grass. You can really have your cake and eat it too when it comes to reaping the benefits of lawn dressing. Most home owners have relatively large lawns, as they have a back yard a front yard as well as a pavement in front of their homes, this means that if you plan on doing a lawn repair you’ll be needing quite a bit of lawn dressing. So, then, it would probably be a wise idea to buy lawn dressing in bulk. With us, this is easy to do.

Delivery Information

We provide lawn dressing priced per cubic meter and we will deliver these large loads of top dressing to your property and unload it at a fair length from the delivery vehicle. The delivery will be free in consideration of the distance of the delivery address. If the property is within 25 kilometres of Johannesburg, then delivery will be free. Contrarily, if it is further than 25 kilometres a fee will be charged for delivery proportional to the additional distance that need be driven to make the lawn dressing delivery to your property.

lawn dressing delivery
bulk lawn dressing

What is Lawn Dressing?

During summer we have these noises know as summertime sounds. One of these sounds are of course the noise made from you or your neighbours mowing their lawn. Why would this sound be included in that "summer category"? Well because this is the time of year where your lawn becomes a weekly chore once again. Certainly though, your lawn won't need to be mowed if it is lifeless and famished. Your yard should have the freshest looking and greenest grass on the block. How do you obtain this lawn look? With Lawn Dressing of course.

So what is lawn dressing really?

Lawn Dressing is mixture of first grade topsoil and organic compost. Top dressing your lawn with lawn dressing will renew and revitalise your lawns health. Laying Lawn Dressing will put nutrients back into the soil and provide a looser environment for you grass to grow. Without the appropriate fertiliser just watering your grass will do nothing but just lie on the surface of your lawn because the soil below will be compact. You would need a component to help soften up the topsoil, Lawn dressing is perfect for that purpose. After applying a moderate amount of lawn dressing to your lawn it would then be a good idea to water your entire lawn to combine your previous topsoil with your lawn dressing. Lawn dressing is a great way to enrich you grass and make your home in top form and your garden lush!

How to top-dress your lawn?

When you purchase ready-made lawn dressing you are spared the chore of having to mix and blend together the lawn dressing ingredients in perfect, even ratios. After your lawn dressing is delivered you can then immediately begin with the lawn repairing process. First and foremost, you want to examine your lawn, look for all the low spots brown spots or any problem areas. You can now start off by hand shovelling your lawn dressing in equal patches all around your grass. After you’ve done this you can begin to level the lawn dressing until the lawn dressing in evenly spread, paying special attention to the problem areas you spotted earlier. Continue smoothing out the dressing until the grass beneath is visible above the lawn dressing. Add an additional amount of this mixture to low spots or areas which might be discoloured. To the ground which has very little grass growing in it you can scatter a few grass seeds. Thereafter you can water your lawn, quite an easy process to complete.

Lawn dressing Price

Lawn dressing delivery prices are valid within a 20km distance of Johannesburg we do next day or same day delivery where possible. An additional delivery fee may be charged if the distance is greater than 20 kilometres of Johannesburg.

All lawn dressing delivery prices are final. Invoices must be paid by EFT before drop off can take place.

Compost Delivery Size Compost Price
1m³ R800
2m³ R1600
3m³ R2400
4m³ R3200

Delivery Radius

See our delivery radius on the map below, delivery is included for the first 20 kilometers. Every extra 10 kilometers will be charged at R100 per cubic meter.