Instant Lawn Delivery in Johannesburg

Instant lawn delivery made easy fast and affordable with Soil and Earth

Have your instant lawn delivered in Johannesburg at R1750 per 50m² (square meter) order below or call 068 594 5588

We deliver instant lawn in bulk in Johannesburg

We offer instant lawn delivery in Johannesburg and areas in the vicinity of Johannesburg. We have three types of grass that we merchandise, the three we stock were chosen because they are the grasses most commonly used and known by the consumers of Gauteng. These grasses are different to one another as to make our selection usable to the majority of the consumers in Johannesburg and surrounding areas. They all meet different criteria as there are many different types of environments in which one would like to place their lawn. Some would like grass that grows no matter the time of year, other would perhaps want grass that would not die under heavily shaded areas in their gardens and some would like a sturdy, strong grass to place in areas of their yards that are highly trafficked by people, pets or vehicles. Whatever your preference, we have a grass for you. Using pre-grown lawn as opposed to growing your own lawn will save you a lot of time and energy. We will also truck your lawn to you, this delivery will be free unless your land or home is further than 20 kilometres of Johannesburg. A small transportation cost will be combined with your invoice if you desire the turf to be delivered further than that distance.

How to lay instant lawn?

Instant lawn or ‘sod’ is a grass layer with soil attached to it by the grass’s roots. To begin the process of laying instant lawn first you need to get your soil ready. Ensure that the topsoil that you are going to be placing the instant lawn on is good topsoil. Be sure to check that your topsoil is not too compacted. You must lay your instant lawn directly after you receive it. Water the grass before you place in over your topsoil. Closely pack the portions of instant lawn and arrange it in a way that leaves no spaces. After you’ve covered the entire area, use a roller to remove any air filled spaces between the new lawn’s attached soil and the topsoil beneath it, this will also smooth out your grass patches. After you’ve done this you can water your grass another time. Keep your grass well maintained by keeping it healthy with fertilizers such as lawn dressing or compost and mowing it from time to time.

Different types of instant lawn we deliver

Kikuyu grass

Kikuyu grass is by far the most popular grass in South Africa. Why? Because this particular species of grass grows quickly and grows fast. This grass also grows horizontally and then eventually the stolons grow vertically, meaning that the grass will cover large areas quickly. Kikuyu is suitable for the Johannesburg climate as it is a very durable and tough grass that can combat the hot summer climate. Kikuyu is also quite inexpensive in comparison to another grass species in Johannesburg.

LM/Berea grass

LM or Berea grass is a grass that would best be used for areas where you have trees or plants shading your lawn during the day when the sun is out, because LM/Berea grass can thrive in the shade as well as in the sun as long as it receives sunlight for a small part of the day. This grass grows very well in the in the summertime but when the cold seasons arrive is grows altogether dormant. LM/Berea is also not a grass that requires a whole lot of care throughout the year, it needn’t very watered every day.

Evergreen grass

Evergreen grass will grow in the winter and summer times of the year. It can grow in the drought periods (as long as it be watered periodically) and it is can also survive in the cold winter conditions. Evergreen grass, though, will not grow horizontally so if the grass becomes patchy from high traffic you’ll need to replant in those areas. This grass needs to be watered and maintained quite frequently.

Instant lawn Price

Instant lawn delivery prices are valid within a 20km distance of Johannesburg we do next day or same day delivery where possible. An additional delivery fee may be charged if the distance is greater than 20 kilometres of Johannesburg.

All instant lawn delivery prices are final. Invoices must be paid by EFT before delivery can take place.

Instant lawn Delivery Size Instant lawn Price Price Per Square Meter
50m² R1750 R35
100m² R3500 R35

Delivery Radius

See our delivery radius on the map below, delivery is included for the first 20 kilometers. Every extra 10 kilometers will be charged at R100 per cubic meter.